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Gas Fireplace Service

All Gas Fireplaces need to be cleaned & serviced annually for optimal performance and operation. Full service will include the following:

** Wires & wire compartment - inspect, tighten connections, clean compartment.

** Pilot Assembly - inspect and clean.

** Thermopile & Thermocouple - inspect and clean.

** IPI System - flame sensor rods cleaned connections checked.

** Main Burner / Burner Compartment - inspect and clean.

** Log & Grate - inspect, ensure proper log placement and clean.

** Venturi - ensure proper flame adjustment and air to gas ratio.

** Gas Leaks - check gas valve and gas connections inside the fireplace.

** Glass - inspect single pane glass, gasket and frame, clean glass. Multiple panes of glass are additional.

** Wall switch / Remote Control - check connections, tighten as needed, install new batteries.

** Blower - cleaned.

** Any other inspection & cleaning our technician deems necessary!

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