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Steve Swerdlin was born in Norfolk, VA of 1961. He was raised mostly in the Maryland area. He attended college at University of Maryland College Park where he met his future wife Laura. Steve was a pre-med major but decided it wasn’t for him. He then tried to follow in his family’s footsteps and go into the jewelry business but wasn’t happy there, either.


Laura then suggested he'd try something else, maybe a trade of some sort. Knowing he had the potential to eventually start his own business and make it on his own, Steve decided to try his hand in the plumbing industry.


Steve began an apprenticeship where he learned as much as he could about his new trade. After years of study and achieving the level of Master Plumber, Steve was really frustrated with his surroundings and decided to branch out and start his own company.


With a very worried yet supportive wife by his side, Steve started “Plumbing Works” in 1995 as a full service plumbing company out of his home. Shortly after the company began, Steve installed his first gas fireplace and absolutely loved it!


The thought of the finished product and of the joy his customers would get from using their fireplaces had him hooked. Steve redirected his path from plumbing to gas fireplaces and other gas work. Tired of snaking drains and fixing broken toilets, he decided if he could make a living just doing fireplaces, generators, grills, gas piping, and non-emegrency hot water heaters with chimney liners.


With his wife and 2 children by his side (Sierra and Scott), Steve the Fireplace Guy was born in 2003. Voted #1 for Super Service in on Angie's List the past four years. Steve strives to maintain the best service and care to each of his customers. Steve maintains his own small company with the goal of giving top-notch quality with his own dedicated staff of installers and service mechanics as well as his loving wife and daughter, still by his side, who assists Steve behind the scenes with the company.




Gas fireplace
Gas fireplace
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